About xLobby-Pro

The xLobby media management and control platform has been integrated into many homes around the world for more than 10 years with installations ranging from simple media management of movies and music content to elaborate large scale systems that control home entertainment systems, lighting, HVAC (Heating and Air), Security Systems, Window treatments and pool-spa, lawn Irrigation equipment. xLobby Pro hardware can create various levels of control to fit any home environment.

xLobby offers a complete line of home-automation products that makes sophisticated home-control solutions practical and affordable for every home. Using xLobby, controlled products works better because they all work together. Home theater, multi-room music, lighting, temperature, safety and security systems are all controlled by a single platform.

The process of home automation works by making everything in a house automatically controlled using technology to do the jobs that we would normally do manually. Using these types of systems can conserve energy and improve upon ones particular lifestyle. Get all the great features of the xLobby cube and much more, below are some of the added features xLobby Pro offers.

xLobby Pro features:

1. Works with several types of input devices, IR Remote, Wireless Mouse and Keyboard, Touchscreens.
2. Hardware and Software that is updateable and expandable.
3. User created and defined interfaces with a built-in skin editing system and powerful control-interface tools.
4. The ability to Learn and transmit IR codes to control external products and devices.
5. 2 way Communication to control popular RS232 and network based home automation products.
6. Advanced system and control features that can be customized to any user or environment.
7. Client- Server support for additional xLobby clients and Wi-Fi based tablet touchscreen devices
8. Client-Server support
9. 5 day Weather forecast system
10. MultiZone source audio support, interfaces with Russound, Xantech and other popular music control systems.
11. Enjoy Movies & Music in multiple rooms with the ability to interface and control virtually any device in your home.

Control and manage your whole house audio video, security, lighting or home theater systems from handheld remote controls or touchscreens
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About xLobby Cube

The xLobby Cube was developed to provide consumers access to a low cost media management system that is easy to install, setup and operate with a simple IR remote control. The xLobby cube can also be integrated with xLobby pro hardware systems. Authorized system integrators can further unlock the xLobby cube license so that it can access features only available on xlobby Pro hardware, providing a simple way to upgrade existing hardware.

About Smart Grid

In 2009 President Barack Obama asked the United States Congress "to act without delay" to pass legislation that included doubling alternative energy production in the next three years and building a new electricity "smart grid". [4] On April 13, 2009, George W. Arnold was named the first National Coordinator for Smart
Grid Interoperability.[5] In June 2009, the NIST announced a smart grid interoperability project via IEEE P2030.[6]

Home automation technologies like Zigbee, INSTEON and Zwave are viewed as integral additions to the Smart Grid. The ability to control lighting, appliances, and HVAC as well as Smart Grid applications (load shedding, demand response, real-time power usage and price reporting) [7] will become vital as Smart Grid initiatives are rolled out.

Example GUI screenshots, one of the many interfaces that the xLobby Pro platform offers

Main Menu Interface

Irrigation Control Menu

Multi-Room Lighting Control Menu

Mult-Zone Audio Control Menu

HVAC Control Menu

Maxtrix Switcher